Arnold Phommavong


art direction


the Hilt
Kevin Patnik, CD

Adrift Hotels


Adrift is a chain of three boutique hotels and two restaurants on the Washington and Oregon coast. After our firm completed brand strategy—including a new brand narrative, traits, and an evolution of photography style—the client decided they wanted an in-room storytelling piece to bring the new brand story and personality to life for their guests.

Working with my Creative Director, we developed three unique concepts: a tabloid style newspaper that could serve as an in-room gazette to guide guests around the hotel and around town; a scrapbook-inspired travelogue using photos and other ephemera to tell stories about the guest experience; and an interactive board—a variation on the scrapbook idea but with a more experiential, environmental focus.

The client ultimately chose the interactive board, allowing them to add a home-like vibe to the rooms and providing a place to communicate with guests about upcoming events, seasonal menus, and other pertinent hotel information. The primary Adrift story lives in a look-book that is attached to the board with a clip.


Look Book

The Freedom to Be



Interactive Board Installation